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Untimely Death

"Untimely Death is a riveting thriller that takes the reader on a tour of Manhattan's underground where anything goes…. Untimely Death demonstrates that the Yager team has plenty of talent that should excite readers."

--Book Browser and "Bookshelf" review by noted mystery reviewer, Harriet Klausner

"The plot is excellent, the writing is great and suspense is maintained for about as long as any mystery author can keep adding to the goose bumps. In short, it's a page-turner of a thriller."
--Naples Daily News

"Untimely Death is one of the most suspense filled novels I have read in ages…For everyone who enjoys a gripping tale, this novel will rivet their attention from beginning to end!"
--Alan Caruba,

"Absolutely brilliant, the characters interact well, the scripting is believable, and the pace is right on track. This book kept me thinking and wanting to turn the page. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a quality written book."
--Michelle Mitchell,