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Just Your Everyday People

"The friendship between two married couples begins to unravel when one of the wives seduces a stranger in a bar. Blackmail, betrayal and murder ensue, and the danger seems to come from all directions."

--Publishers Weekly

"Just Your Everyday People isn't your everyday read. It's a sneaky little thriller that explores the underside of suburban life in a way that contrasts the mundane with the horrible. Populated with very real and familiar characters, the novel will make you see in a different way the people you pass in the mall or who stand next to you in the supermarket checkout line. A walk on the dark side."
--John Lutz, best-selling novelist, Single White Female

"The Yagers have interwoven their story with a psychological, or perhaps sociological, study of the human psyche, of the truth that lies behind the face. How well do we know those we think of as our friends? What secrets do we keep from each other, even those closest to us? Just how far down the road to self-destruction are 'everyday people' capable of going? Fred and Jan Yager have given us a heart-stopping story that also makes the reader think, about herself and the people in her life. That's not always a very comfortable thing to do but this is a book that begs to be read."
--Leila Taylor, Co-owner, Creatures 'n Crooks Bookshoppe