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Fifteen-year-old Devon Turner, a junior in high school, thinks he's picked up music from outer space on his satellite dish. He records the sound, takes it to an astronomer who shares it with a musicologist. Within 24 hours, the sound is being played on radio stations every where. Where is the music coming from? The music has a powerful vibration that can be used to heal or to destroy.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FILM INDUSTRY, 2nd edition (Facts on File, 2009)
In addition to an introduction to the film industry as well as Forewords by actor David Carradine (2nd edition) and producer Peter Guber (First edition), this book has extensive apprendixes of key resource information plus an index.

CYBERSONA by Fred Yager
HEARTLAND REVIEWS: "...Awakening in the hospital as a quadriplegic, Garland Daniels uses a voice-activated computer interface to live out his dreams of revenge in a web-based virtual reality game. Much to his delight, he is able to reprogram the game to allow him to enter the body of another player, a recently laid off high school teacher. The displaced teacher manages to find a body for himself in a ten-year-old boy. Once this stage is set, it is a race to exact revenge and justice all around, with quite a surprise ending.
The pace of this novel is frenetic. As fast as the story develops, it still allows the reader to reflect on the aspects of revenge and justice tempered by forgiveness and compassionů."

Untimely Death (A Novel)
When professor Joan Walsh, who was about to become engaged, is murdered, her best friend and colleague, Dr. Kimberly Stone, is determined to find out who killed her, and why. She teams up with Manhattan homicide detective, Alan Blake, who would prefer she stay out of the investigation but agrees to let her get involved. As Blake's feelings for Professor Stone are becoming stronger, another murder at the campus in the same small department could mean that Professor Stone is being targeted as the next victim.

U.S. edition published by Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.
Swedish edition published by Kentaur Press of Malmo, Sweden

Just Your Everyday People (A Novel)
Two couples get together every Friday night at a local bar to unwind after a hard week at work. This particular Friday night, one of the wives comes on to a Stranger in the bar. What happens to the Stranger will forever impact all their lives and test a best friendship to the limit.

Career Opportunities In The Film Industry (Nonfiction/Business/Careers)
Instructive in-depth profiles covering everything from such high-profile film industry jobs as director, producer, screenwriter, and actor to such all-important behind-the-scenes jobs as casting director, gaffer, and production designer. Includes extensive Appendices including film schools, colleges, film commission, film festivals, unions and associations, companies, a bibliography, and useful websites. Second edition Foreword by David Carradine, film and TV actor, author First edition Foreword by Peter Guber, Founder and Chairman, Mandalay Entertainment

Selected Works

Non-fiction; reference
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FILM INDUSTRY, 2nd edition (Facts on File, 2009)
Annotated description of more than 85 jobs in the film industry
Nonfiction - reference
A comprehensive guide to more than 85 careers in publishing -- newspapers, magazines, and books -- from editorial to marketing --including extensive apprendixes.
CYBERSONA by Fred Yager
In an extreme case of identity theft, a computer genius who has recently become a quadriplegic when caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout uses the Internet game, Cybersona, to take over the body of another player, a teacher, to extract revenge on those responsible for his paralysis. In an effort to get his body back, the teacher takes over the body of the next player who signs on only that player turns out to be a ten-year old boy.
1. Fiction/Suspense Novel
Untimely Death (A Novel)
"The Yagers have written a winner"
--Associated Press

"A tightly written psychological thriller...the kind of thriller that is easy to pick up, and hard to put down!"--)."
--Reviewer's Bookwatch (The Midwest Book Review)
2. Fiction/Suspense Novel
Just Your Everyday People (A Novel)
"It's not 'everyday' that you read a book like Just Your Everyday People. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!"
--Heidi Sobel, co-owner, Mysteries to Die For Bookstore
3. Non-fiction/Careers
Career Opportunities In The Film Industry (Nonfiction/Business/Careers)
A thorough career guidebook for anyone considering a job in the film industry covering more than 75 key jobs as well as an Industry Outlook.
4. Article

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